Ron Kapeller

Buying and selling, you could call it a hobby of Ron’s. Which is why he became a licensed real estate agent in 2021 for Montana Properties LLC.

Originally from Canada, he use to travel back and forth quite a bit. He’s owned property in Whitefish since 1991, even the athletic club in the mall! He’s lived on Whitefish Mountain, Calgary, but for the last 15 to 18-years, he’s found in beautiful Eureka, Montana.

Being the first home owner in the Wilderness Club, you can find Ron teeing off on his days off. Hole 12 is one of his favorites, “You’re up on top, but then come down really low.” Every hole has a different view, and it’ll take your breath away! Or you can find him out on the reservoir. “There’s endless opportunities to get out and do something,” he says.

Growing up in a small(er) town, he believes Eureka is a great place to be!

Ron’s advice? “Do your research and be prepared for all of the seasons! Learn about protecting your property: there’s bats, rodents, and even know how to take care of your well.”