Mandi Pershall

A Montana native, but not to Eureka, instead to our state’s capital, Helena. Mandi is the Jack of all trades for Montana Properties LLC. In the office, she’s not only taking photos of the properties and editing them, but also working for Big Sky Mobile Imaging as an Administrative Officer, hiding in the back completing many tasks including dispatching. 

In Helena, Mandi had her own dog grooming company that she worked for seven years. She was asked if there was a specific breed she preferred to groom, but she explained it depended on the dog, not the breed. You could have the sweetest German Shepard, but the most complicated Golden Retriever. She did love doing fancy show like trims on Standard Poodles.

Owning her own business, she knew she had to continue to be a self starter and be able to manage time well. Which, is also why she loves working for Montana Properties LLC and Big Sky Mobile Imaging. “You have to allow yourself to separate,” she explains. “Shut your brain off in one spot and move onto the next, but be able to maintain structure on your own.”

Moving from Helena to Eureka has been an adjustment. She lives seven miles outside of town and no cell service on her property. “I’m 31-years-old, in 2021, and have a landline,” she laughs. But she loves Eureka. The close-knit community and how the town comes together for the high school games or if someone is in need, the community is there.

When not in the office, you can find Mandi in one of her favorite spots. The West Kootenai. She loves the history behind the Amish community. But she also loves to spend her summer time at Blue and Sunday Lake area. You can also find Mandi in her 6500 sq ft garden most weekends of the summer, hidden in the mountains hunting in the fall, and walking the heavily elk and deer populated public lands looking for shed antlers in the spring. But most importantly Mandi enjoys time with family away from the office. 
If not outside, you can find her crafting lariat art made from recycled Montana cowboy ropes, along with pencil sketching art of wildlife, domestic farm animals, and abstract princess warriors. You can even see one of her pieces in her office. It’s a beautiful horse sketch, framed by recycled lariats. 

Coming from Helena, she had a good piece of advice, “Be prepared to not have cell phone service and pack bear spray, always!” She continues, “Someone who really enjoys the outdoors and is more hands on, this is a really great place for them.”