Falon Messer

Most summers and holidays while growing up, Falon was visiting Eureka and her family. In 2021 Falon and her family made the decision to move from Stanwood, Washington and call Eureka their forever home. Her biggest adjustment from trading city life in for rural Montana has been limited fast food options. As a mother of two young boys she misses the convenience of a drive thru but is loving putting thought and time into meals as a family.

Falon’s background was working in long term care, but after becoming a mother of two boys, she had to step away from her full-time job and start working part time. She was offered a part-time position as a transaction coordinator job for a local broker in Washington where she really had the opportunity to learn about real estate and understand the contracts. After a year of working as the transition coordinator, she became a licensed real estate broker and has carried an active license for four years.

When her and her husband decided to move to Eureka, she called her Grandma who lives in Eureka, to tell her the exciting news. “Grandma is the matriarch of the family,” she laughs, “you have to run everything through Grandma.” With the news of them moving, her Grandma told her Falon if there was someone to work for in Eureka it was Joe Purdy at Montana Properties LLC. And with her grandma having a background as a real estate broker as well, she knew it was a no brainer.

When not in the office, Falon is traveling around the US for her youngest son’s motocross races. He’s ranked 10th in the nation! (Oh, and he’s only 7-years-old.)

Falon’s favorite spot in Eureka is the reservoir. She would drive north from Libby and the moment she came to the reservoir, she says the views just change. There’s plenty of outdoor recreation and when given an opportunity, she goes and watches the Northern Lights in that area.

“Make sure you pack your warm clothes,” Falon explains her piece of advice. “Be a courteous driver, wave to everyone. Come in with an open mind, explore and meet the people. They want to meet you too. It’s a great place to live.You’ve gotta take the big city mentality and let it go.”