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The Realtors at Montana Properties, LLC have extensive knowledge and experience in the Montana real estate market that includes properties in the Lake Koocanusa, Mariners Haven/Abayance Bay, Rexford, Eureka, Fortine, and Trego areas, together with Whitefish, Kalispell and most of Northwest Montana.

Our Brokers not only have been working together for many years, but they are actually family!   Our business philosophy has always been “be first, be better and always be ready”.  

Whether you need help deciding which Montana property will work best for your needs, or have a question about one of our listings, please feel free to give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you.

Joseph Purdy is no stranger to hard work.  He is a Licensed Real Estate Broker and the owner of Montana Properties LLC one of the top real estate companies in Eureka, Montana, and has been a licensed Real Estate Agent/Broker since 1984 and also is the owner of Purdy Ranch since 1984. 

Joseph worked with the East West United Corporation, a Global International Group from 1986 to 2004; and during that time Joe was the Lincoln County High School & Eureka Grade School Basketball Coach from 1986 – 1998.  Before that he worked with the Kootenai National Forest Service in Fire and Land Management for 15 years!

Having worked with the land over the past 40 years, Joe believes in sharing his experience and knowledge of the Eureka area, including local recreational Lake Koocanusa, Sophie Lake, and Glen Lake. He believes that it is part of his job to assist his clients in making well-informed decisions when purchasing their piece of Montana and will help provide financial/property research and information with those clients who are selling their real estate assets.

As a fourth-generation Eureka, Montana resident and the Broker/Owner of Montana Properties LLC, Joseph Purdy looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experience of land management in the Northwest Montana area from Eureka to Whitefish and Kalispell, to assist you in the process of your Real Estate decisions–whether buying or selling. Let us share our knowledge with you!

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Russell Mug

Russell Purdy, whose ancestors came to this area in late 1800’s–he is a fourth generation Montanan. He grew up on a dairy and cattle ranch in Eureka, Montana and worked in the woods, drove delivery trucks and worked in construction in the early part of his life. Russell has been married for 43 years and his family is very important to him, with 3 married children and 4 grandchildren.

Russell enjoys living in Montana, and has spent many hours on horseback and takes pleasure in hunting, camping, hiking, and loves to travel throughout the country. He keeps in shape by playing tennis, racket ball and other physical activities.

Russell is a licensed Real Estate Agent and Broker (since 1994) and works with all facets of the industry. From being a Business Manager (he has a Masters in Business Administration) to an Accountant (a BS in Accounting ) and he even worked in Communications while in the US Air Force (with Top Secret Clearance) and was Stationed in Texas, Arkansas & England. These past jobs have helped him develop his abilities to better serve his clients.

Throughout his Real Estate career Russell has prepared real estate’s “Comparative Market Analyses” for US Highway Department, IRS, Various Businesses & Individuals needing his skills. Mr. Purdy is a “Leadership Flathead” Alumni; and is a Present and Past Board Member of the Flathead Valley Tennis Assoc. & Montana Tennis Assoc.

At his current stage in life, Russell works out of his home and limits his clients to only a few at a time. “My past experiences in accounting/taxes, ranching, and traveling; My high level of Government clearance and my experience with property development have all provided me with an extensive range of knowledge that I use to assist my clients in making their investment decisions. I plan on being around for a long time and my reputation & name are valuable to me. I want to do the best job I can for those I choose to work with!”

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Area History

As happened throughout the Rocky Mountain west, trappers were followed by prospectors, then cattlemen and finally homesteaders. Wherever there was the promise of business opportunity or resources to exploit, entrepreneurs and capital soon became part of the equation. The communities that were ideally located for a railroad depot inevitably prospered. And so it was with Eureka and the satellite communities of Trego, Fortine and Rexford when the Great Northern Railroad came through in 1904.

Although there were those who envisioned the Tobacco Valley as ideally suited for growing various fruits and vegetables, over the decades it became obvious that the growing season fell short of what was needed to reliably produce crops other than hay. Christmas tree production and even bootlegging were once integral to the local economy, but it was harvesting timber and producing lumber along with railroad ties that fueled the local economy.

The timber industry was the mainstay from about 1908 through 1925. It was then the easily harvestable timber began to dry up. Eureka’s large lumber mill closed and the Tobacco Valley eked by for many years on a sluggish economy. That all changed after WW II when chainsaws, tractor crawlers, skidders, and trucks made heretofore unreachable stands of timber readily accessible, which resulted in lots of good-paying jobs.

Another blow to the local economy came along in the 1990 when area loggers and sawmill operators began to experience challenges in securing reliable sources for the timber resource and jobs began to disappear. Presently, the economy of the Tobacco Valley has stabilized with tourist dollars, and while the jobs provided by the timber industry have not been replaced the hardy people that live here continue to thrive. While the area is a relative paradise compared to other parts of the United States, and most of the ranches are still in operation, the recreational aspects remain strong, and many are expanding as the economy strengthens.

The people who have been fortunate to live in the area enjoy the natural beauty of the clear water lakes, public lands, and the Eureka community to call home.

Eureka, Montana

Founded in the late 1880s, Eureka is a clean and charming small town. The downtown area of Eureka is a busy place especially in the summer, possibly due to Eureka’s location on US Highway 93, the nearby Roosville Border Crossing station into Canada, recreational properties, summer cabins, and the many activities and lakes available.

Eureka is located in part of the Rocky Mountain Trench, in what’s known as the Tobacco Valley. The valley is flanked to the east by the towering mountains of the Whitefish Range, with smaller and heavily forested Purcell Mountains located to the west.

Lake Koocanusa is located nearby, as is Glen Lake, Sophie Lake and Dickey Lake, along with other recreational and fishing lakes. The vast National Forest lands that literally surround the community give this area many outdoor activities to choose from. Whether hunting , camping, hiking, boating, or whatever your favorite recreational pursuit may be, you can find it in Northwest Lincoln County! Plus, the 60 miles of Lake Koocanusa Scenic Byway begins northwest of Eureka, on MT State Highway 37 and continues all the way to Libby, MT, giving you a truly beautiful scenic drive.

Overall, visitors to Eureka won’t be disappointed. While the town is small, it has plenty of festivals, shops, restaurants and activities to enjoy during the summer months, and there are several local golf courses to choose from. During the winter months, there is skiing on Whitefish Mountain in Whitefish, MT, Turner Mountain in Libby, MT, Backtail Ski Resort in Lakeside near Kalispell, MT, and the Fernie Ski Hill in Fernie, BC (in Canada), all within a one-hour drive from Eureka. You can strap on a pair of skates to play on one of the frozen lakes, ice fish, go sledding, world-class snowmobiling, cross country skiing, the list is endless of the things to do in the Tobacco Valley.

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